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Are you looking for competent, reliable personnel? Then at STAFF you’re in the right place. Our handpicked staff will serve your guests in a friendly and courteous manner, because service really comes alive with a human touch. If your guests are happy, then you’re happy – and that means everything to us.


Who are we

We are Reinhard Platzer and Thomas Schmartschan, both have a background in catering, and founded our company, STAFF, in 2005. We were motivated by the fact that, when we started, there was almost nothing in this area of agency staffing and, as young entrepreneurs, we also required such a service.

We can now look back over 10 years of experience and have gathered a staff pool of around 400 people. This collected knowledge helps us when selecting staff, our experience when advising clients

For Clients

We offer

Thanks to our years of experience we can supply you with suitable staff reliably, quickly and at reduced costs. First, we will perform an analysis of your requirements together during a consultation, which will help us to recruit just the right applicants. Then we will put together the right team for your needs.

When doing this, we take special care to ensure that applicants’ qualifications match your requirements. From bar workers and service staff to chefs – our personnel portfolio will suit your requirements exactly.

Your benefits

Firstly you save time and money by using STAFF employment agency and can therefore concentrate on your core business. Secondly the staff are employed by us, although they work for you (staff placement). This offers you additional advantages: no difficult recruitment processes, no contingency risks, no costs in case of illness, no payroll processes etc.

Our focus lies in supplying temporary staff

i.e. staff are employed by us but work for you.

Permanent staff

i.e. staff is employed by, and work for, you.

In addition, we also offer all manner of services related to the field of catering.

• Catering consultants • Organisation and management of events • Staff training • On request, permanent hiring of STAFF personnel by your business and vice-versa


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Are you looking for a job?

Do you want to work in a friendly team and structure your working hours flexibly? Then apply to us! We serve large and small events, parties in halls and outdoors, sports events and high society balls. Aside from temporary work, we also provide staff for seasonal and permanent placements.

Of course, it would be an advantage if you’d already worked in catering or hotel service. But if you have the right motivation to learn something new, we’d be delighted to receive your application.


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Event area

·      Service staff

·      Kiosk staff

·      Kitchen staff, bar staff

·      Set-up/take-down staff

·      Hostesses (m/f)

Seasonal-/permanent placements

·      Service (cleaning staff, service staff, restaurant manager ...)

·      Kitchen (dishwasher, junior cook (m/w), chef ...)

·      Bar (commis de bar (m/w), bar tender ...)

·      Rooms and house (janitor, cleaning staff (m/w) ...)

·      Reception (receptionist, bell boy (m/w), porter (m/w) ...)

·      Management (manager, accountant, purchasing agent ...)

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